Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I had to part with my lovely centuries-old Canon scanner because there's no functional drivers for Win7 : ( Instead I used the one that's part of my new printer.... I really hope the thing at least prints well because it definately doesn't scan well, ffff.

Anyways, here's some unsorted sketchings!
When I use markers I usually end up finding the back of the paper more interesting than the actual drawing:

S'more random stuff. Whenever I wanna practice anatomy I tend to draw mostly arms and shoulders. I love arms and shoulders.

Classy Blanka is mildly unimpressed.


Christiane said...

Du blogst hier ja noch :D
So schön deine Zeichnungen zu sehen.

Maren said...

Same to you, hab' mich sehr gefreut dich updaten zu sehen <3

ukku said...

lol, das mit den Markerspuren auf der Rückseite - word. Aber ich ruiniers dann meistens wieder indem ich die Konturen nachfahr (I carnt help it)

ach, wären meine Skizzen nur halb so schön :C! sag mal, was für einen Härtegrad verwendest du für gewöhnlich?

und... der Affe rechts oben von Cammy und der Typ zwei Reihen weiter drunter, denken bestimmt gerade dasselbe. Yep.

Gunjan Joshi said...

the things that you've done with markers ont the insects are very nice. Was that just from random watercolours left over on the back of a page?

Kappy said...

Hey this is CJ! Had to get a new blogger, my old one became cluttered and crappy looking. D> so I'll be following this one. C:

Lovely pieces as always. Especially on the mantis. <3 The rendering of the one on the left is amazing.

Ala said...

Hey :) I love your art! Actually, your sketches helped me a great deal :) They made me realize that sketches don't have to be perfect from the beginning :D I know it's kinda obvious, but I didn't believe it 'till I've seen your pictures, so a big warm fuzzy THANKS to you :* :)