Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's see

It's been ages since the last time I updated my old blog which was powered by wordpress on my own webspace. I still don't know if I liked being a lonely outsider living in the shadows of the internet better or not, but in any case, time for something new. So I thought I'd just leave it at that and venture forth into the unknown realm of blog-communities.
I shall start posting stuff and try to make the layout a little more appealing as soon as I figure out how things work here.


Lina said...

oorrr eindlich wieder ein blog von dir ;O; *anfass* *stalk*

Anonymous said...

oo, new blog, learn new system, sounds like fun.

Maren said...

@Lina: Poah dich gibts ja auch auf blogspot, werd ich direkt mal zurück-stalken : D

@Dazarilic: So far this new system isn't as fun as I thought xD I expected it to be a little easier to handle than wordpress, but it's actually quite uncomfortable. But I'll get used to it B)

Lina said...

ja bitte <33
but mein blog is way less interesting than yours... und wird auch nur selten geupdated |D

maiyue said...

Hey welcome to blogger, and thanks for linking me! ^^
Keep up your wonderful work, I'll continue following. ^^