Monday, November 9, 2009


(A word of warning: The full-view images are kind of freaking huge, slow internets might die)
Ohaguro-bettari is a type of Yokai in japanese folklore. She tricks men into believing she was a beautiful young woman, dressing in fine clothing and turning her featureless face away until they approach her:

Some steps of the drawing process:

Another quick drawing of her:

A scene from Gantz, a series which features quite a few Yokai. Also walking talking statues and things that look like they escaped from Halflife. Man I love that comic.
These two appeared only for half a chapter but they seemed fun to hang out with. Until they decided humans are disgusting and put an end to their short-lived friendship to the suit-guys. ( I won't use the v-word):

And something else in progress. Kappa are river-imps who drag the unsuspecting into the water. You can trick them by bowing to them, making them spill the water in the bowl-shaped depression in their heads and losing all their power when they return the bow.
Their favourite food are cucumbers and human entrails.
Just a 20-minute sketch, will finish it as soon as I feel like it:

(I really hope that readers don't get notified if I edit the layout or posts. If they do, I apologize for the twenty million messages you guys got :' / I'm just getting used to blogspot and doing a terrible job so far. )


Anonymous said...

These are amazing... and hey! Guess who! Lol...

Seriously though, it's crazy how you do the work for that Yokai image. Turned out amazing though.

Maren said...

There you are! I lost my bookmarks recently and when I went looking for your blog I kept searching for retrocucumber because I forgot you don't use that adress anymore x_X
Anyways! *stalk*
And thankyou! Been nice to spend more than an hour on something again :' /

Anonymous said...

Even if you don't spend more than an hour on something it still turns out awesome, heh. But I concur... working on something for a long time to see how awesome it comes out really is satisfying.
Oh dude! I finally understand painter, I've been fiddlin' around with it an god is it tricky... but so much fun - hrrrrng.

Shieldsy said...

It's good to see you submitting stuff again. That Kappa piece looks like it's going to be cool. Dirty evil river imps.

Hika said...

Nice, i love how the lighting turned out in the Yokai pic. It really adds to the atmosphere.

And also thanks for submitting process, it's so useful for someone trying to improve skills like me -I always mess up where i gotta cover the sketch lines and leave no lineart-

Anyway, keep up the good work. (:

Anonymous said...

I love that you're finally back! I love your work and you were terribly missed these past few months!

shalala said...

ich seh JETZT ERST dass deine url schmaren ist :''/
bin iwie daneben in letzter zeit xD

und das kappa bild kenn ich gar nicht Q_____Q sowas musst du mir doch ZEIGEN, KIND! D|

aber schön ;_; wie das girl da so weggedraggt wird ;_;

ahh mann ich mag mein blog nicht xDD... vl änder ich ihn doch noch mal..

Maren said...

I like quick sketchy things way more than big elaborate drawings, but I gotta practice working on smething from start to finish, I rarely ever do that D|
Ah, I would like to see some of your experiments with painter 8D As soon as my computer doesn't die when I install it, I wanna try it again~ I know how annoying it is when people ask you 'How do I use program-xy?' but y'know, if you got any tricks to share, tell me xD

I didn't even realize that I was absent for half a year. Time goes so fast D8
Thankyou, I'll try to finish it soon : >

I'm happy when people find this useful : > I wanted to add some descriptions first but I hoped it would be obvious enough what I was doing while drawing, I don't have many tricks xD

Thankyou chessy! : D And thanks for all the messages, my shoutbox became flooded with spam at some point and it was difficult to find the real messages, but I read them all <3

Das kam von dir, do u remember? xD Und ich hatte's vergessen, das war auf 'ner Ebene in 'nem andern psd.
Was'n das problem? D:

shalala said...

i DO remember |DD

und so hab nochn bisschen an den wrappern rumgedreht, jetzt läuft das ganze nich mehr allzu weit aus den ufern ;_;

ich muss dir was zeigen:
ES kommt vl unerwartet aber ich musste das jetzt zeigen.

Maren said...

Ich würd das header-image entsprechend verbreitern! D:

Und...danke, das ist wunderschön. Lass uns cosplayn.
Sagmal, hast du nicht Schule?! xD

shalala said...

jau mach ich noch D: aber ich hab das original ja nich hier in der schule Q__Q weißte, kann da ja rechts und links nichts dazu zaubern xD

und schön, nicht?

ja ich hab schule : D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reading my messages Marren!

Shieldsy said...

Half a year goes very slowly when you're missing someone. Anyway,it's good to see you're still painting and drawing things. I suppose you've been really busy with things, hence the hiaitus. Real life takes presidence over online things. Keep them drawing coming. :D

P-9 said...

In middle school I bought a massive amount of books on Japanese folklore, Shinto rituals, and demons. I was very much into these things, and I still am. I love your interpretation of her, she looks perfect.

I stalked your old pockyblog and was very sad when you stopped updating. But I am glad you picked up again, watching your sketches and ideas makes me very happy. Beautiful style~ <3

HikanDas said...

Oh wow. I remember those two demons from Gantz, they were defintely the shizzt.

And your work is so detailed, makes me envious. xD