Thursday, April 15, 2010

paperpost, mostly

It's been a while since the last post, haven't been drawing much. I shall refrain from explaining as to why that is via mile-long rant about life's hardships and my struggle not to get distracted by every Shiny that appears at the side of the road.

Damned Shinies.

Anyways, last weekend I remembered that I like drawing, too, so I put on some music and movies and did some somethings.
My usual way of drawing is doing a 'sketch' that's nothing more than a mess of ... I don't even wanna call it lines, to roughly determine where what is gonna be and then I paint over everything. This lead to me never really developing any feel for lines, so I decided to scribble a bit on real paper zomg just to observe what happens.
References: Movies/my grandpa/Pattie Boyd/photographs from the 50s60s70s

More practice, trying to find a convenient way to position cameras and characters and whatnot in a scene, fast & simple.
At first I tried to do this digitally, also to test some brushes and sort them, because I have about ten million and that's not helpful.
Five to ten minutes each:
That went rather not amazing at all. I guess the problem is that the computer allows me to change dimensions and values subsequently, which is distracting and makes me slow.
Then I remembered that I had once bought a few sketchbooks, and one of them is only as big as the palm of my hand and has a convenient widescreen-format.
That went a lot faster and twenty times as comfortable as scribbling digitally.
Two to five minutes each:
Reference of choice were random dvds I picked from my shelf ( Documentaries, and a bit of Leon the Professional )
Now I only need to do about 800 more of those and look into some actual theory on this stuff, and I'll have either learned a ton of things by then, or died of a solvent poisoning.

And a few things I did for perspective practice and to test some brushes.
References: places in my hometown(or somewhere near, cities are like on top of eachother close'n cuddly around here) and pl_waste, a very nice custom Team Fortress 2 map

Advice corner:
-Y'know you're doing something wrong when you klick 'save as' and type sdfhsdjfhdjfh.psd and it tells you the file already exists.
-Don't listen to the Unbirthday song for an hour straight.
-Don't use a hair dryer on a wig. Ever.


Zemime said...

Ahhh you never cease to blow my mind. Lookin at your art is such an inspiration ;__;

John Patrick Deza said...


Gray said...

einfach zu schön D;

trenchmaker said...

die letzten bilder deprimieren mich übelst, aber ich denke das hebt deine stimmung auch nicht und wenn ja: böses mädchen.

wieso föhnst du perücken o_o

ukku said...

Die Kompositionen am Papier sind ja echt um einiges besser! und mit dem Copic-gescribble and all sieht das so total professionell aus *_* ~ I confirm a step in the right direction!

Muss ich auch mal probiern. I must thank for the Denkanstoß!

Anonymous said...

*dranheft und ableck*

Hika said...

Loved all the first ones, i wish i could clean sketches so well. Not that i can't, but even when i use light blue pencil its so damn hard to read my own lines. Also you're very skilled at setting the characters in a background, which isn't as easy as it seems.. xD

Anyway, please forgive my boldness but if it's not too much bother to ask, would it be possible for you to rec the screen next time you do one of these quick sketches/concepts example-> ?? I'm so stuck trying to get rid of the lines in my artwork and i thing i've already seen every speedpainting available on the internet lol!

Don't worry for explaining anything -the brush setting would help though!- I know what you mean when you say that you can't really explain how you go about stuff but just watching is educational enuff for me.

Ok thanks in advance and keep up the great works! (:

Hika said...

Cool! my guess on which button would submit my comment was right. *doesn't speak a word of german* xD

Christiane said...

I´m still your fan and always will be D=

Maren said...

@Zemi: Thankyou :D

@Patrick: Haha, danke für die caps :)

@Gray: Danke! Musst' dich auch direkt mal zurück-watchen!

@Trenchmaker: Environments sind noch ziemliches Neuland aber ich werd' mich weiterbemüh'n! Freut mich dass's gefällt :D
Die Perücke war völlig zubetoniert und es führte kein Weg am last-minute durchwaschen vorbei... und ich dacht', ein vorsichtiges Anföhnen wäre nicht weiter schlimm :'/
Thankyou for the comment, ich bin ein großer Fan von dir C':

@Dariaaaah: In erster Linie ging's mir darum mal wieder ein bisschen lockerer mit ECHTEM papier umgehen zu können :'/ Da ich immer und überall Farbe draufklatsch' bin ich irgendwie unable einfach mal 'ne Skizze zu machen die nicht völlig einarmig aussieht.
Aber, jau, sich compositions in movies genauer anzuschauen ist definitiv lehrreich. Mein kleines büchlein ist erstmal voll aber ich bestell' mir neue :D

@Jinji: Ich vermute dass das was Gutes bedeutet und sage Danke xD

@Hika: Thankyou! And that wouldn't be a problem at all, I'll make sure to remember recording next time I draw something of that sort :)

@Nani: Thankyou, that means a lot to me ;____;

Anonymous said...

My god, Maren...


Yea! I was wondering what happened to you on the interwebs, I was guessing school or life or both was messin' with that happening. I haven't been on much either 'cept to check messages here and there.

These look great. Your environmental studies always look so stellar. I need to do more studies like these so I can "- be! The veeeery best.... the best there eveeer waaaaaas."

♕♥♥ said...

I will never tire of you
work, you've truly inspired
me more than you know! ;_; ♥♥♥♥

Maren said...


K0r! Yes, I've been very quiet on the internet...and I didn't even draw ANYthing this year until april or something, that's the longest time I've lived without at least some random scribbles here 'n there since forever. Life was getting in the way.
I wish I had some of your mad energy, you seem like you can do anything and everything at once, you must have six arms or something. NOT FAIR.
And ooooh yes, environments are an exciting subject, I'm nowhere near good at painting 'em but at least it's a lot better than it used to be, and it's always good to try new things. Y'know, "-it's my destiny! Our courage will pull uuus throuuugh
You teach meeeee and I'll teach youuuuu~"

Thank you! Seriously, this brightens my day :' >

Shieldsy said...

Wow, it's nice to see you back on the drawing bandwagon again, my days have been a bit dull recently and your drawing, for whatever reason brings a smile to my face. I seriously don't know what that is all about, but it's good anyway, i hope to see more soon!

Wayne Chisnall said...