Monday, December 21, 2009

WIPs and I don't even know

HOLIDAYS! I love december, it feels like friday.
Ohgod I can't type, my hands are frozen. A-anyways, h-here's practice and experiments and things that just sort of happened.



Lina said...

I spy Cosmo |3

Casey said...

Unifoooorms *_* And TF2, you rock.

Aaron said...

Welcome back, December is a nice time of year. Is that sputnik? That cabaret girl looks awesome, i want to see the finished product :) Are those your arms with all the writing on them?...if they are, how did you get it so well written on both arms, in theory, one would suck and the other would be great, unless you were ambidextrous.

P-9 said...

There all so awesome, I always have loved your concepts. *u*

Specifically, I am in love with the Spy, because I think all of Team Fortress needs a casual wear picture, and the showgirl because her pose and angle are great.

You never cease to amaze me. =v=

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

omg I love the cat! And the uniforms. You really add a lot detail to your work *can't stop staring*

shalala said...

ich glaub ich hab von ihm geträumt, ich weiß auch nich ich bin aufgewacht und hatte SEIN GESICHT vor meinem geistigen auge.


sputnik <33 und die soldiers ;_; warum kenn ich die nicht? die sind toll und schön und ach Q_Q ich muss mir das buch auchma holn.


Maren said...

Jah! 'cause he's the prettiest of 'em all <3

Jaaaa *_* Die Vorliebe haben wir gemeinsam! Und tf2 frisst mich momentan xD

I drew that girl without a sketch or any kind of plan since I had no intentions of spending more than 10 minutes on it, so now I'm not really sure how to finish it :' /
And yep I'm ambidextrous, which was very useful here : >

I actually just drew that because I had an unnecessarily lengthy conversation wether or not Spy is wearing a three piece suit, because IF he does, that red (or blu) part that shows under the jacket goes like " L " and not "V", which is confusing everyone. So this was my guess. It ain't rocket science xD
Thx! Happy Holidays to you too : D

Danke! Ich wage mich so langsam mal daran Tiere zu zeichnen, weil ich das noch nie wirklich getan habe :' / Also davon vermutlich mehr spam in Zukunft

FABRICE is der mit den langen Haaren, werf mir meine Horde Franzosen nich durch'nander xD
Die uniformen hab' ich gekrakelt als du gerad vom Bahnhof kamst, dachte du hättest die gesehen du Vierauge <3

Le Soleil Brille said...

I could honestly browse through your blog forever and never stop learning new things. You are my artistic goal. You really are.

shalala said...

dann halt gerard! oder... ACH SCREW IT.
und jau ich erinner mich (VIERAUGE PSSHHHHH ICH KOMM DIR GLEICH DAHIN.) aber ich dacht die warn da noch nich fertig :''''C

Chris McKeever said...

Maren, this is Chessy, how do I get a commission from you? I'd really love a painting from you.

Anonymous said...

Hier auch noch etwas Senf von mir bevor das Jahr zu Neige geht.
Nette Sagmeister-Hände. Die gekippte WIP Frau ist auch schick (die Schuhe sind doch irgendein Fetisch-Gimmick oder..? o_-''). Welche Typo sind die Subs??
Und ich hab dir n paar Blogs aus deiner Liste geklaut, paar coole Sachen dabei.

Guten Rutsch!