Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dett Übliche

It's 3am, I'm too nervous to sleep, so I thought why not update this blog. I changed the layout at some point during lunchbreak today and now that I look at it many hours later I must say I have come to still not like it.

Anyways! At some point last week this conversation happened:

Shalala: YES.
M: This is a moment so long in coming that I am uncertain how to celebrate it
M: perhaps
M: a quiet chuckle
Shalala: ...
M: let us chuckle
Shalala /chuckles
M /chuckles

So there must be stuff to post around somewhere.

Practice drawn after random reference (fashion magazines I had lying around), except for Pickles:

More random practice things...still trying to get better at sketching, so when I had scanned these, I told myself "leave it alone, don'tcolordon'tcolordon'tAHDAMN".

Based on sketches by my friend Monika... I just have to place her on my couch and give her a pencil and 10 minutes and she fills sheets of paper with wondrous inspirations:

Some animals, I'm drawing a million 30-sec doodles here 'n there. I have little to no experience drawing animals so I'm hoping that scribbling those 'alien' forms will help me learn recognizing shapes more easily. These were my very first, and my ballpoint-pen was dying. More to come when I feel like scanning again.

Messin' around... Idk, stuff like this happens when I have to wait for something, even if it's just a few minutes.

I've been playing some Rockband2 with my friends lately, and these are the characters we created for it...more or less. Not to be taken seriously. You should see Willy's hobo-drumkit made of cardboard with unicorn-stickers all over it:

Random practice, and Ren's bitter half. Yes, that Ren.

Stuff very much in progress.

That's it for now, good night everyone.


ukku said...

WUNDERVOLL EINFACH WUNDERVOLL ~~~ danke, das internet freut sich!

Okha said...


John Patrick Deza said...

sehr cool ^^

Anonymous said...

nicht altair rrrr
unglaublich awesome wie immer :D

schön weiter malen

Maren said...

Danke danke, du toller Mensch <3 Ich verfolge euren Blog ebenfalls mit Wonne, by the way!

Many thanks : D ich freu' mich wenn man meinem gedoodle was abgewinnen kann, eines Tages werd' ich vielleicht sogar mal irgendwas "Fertiges" präsentiern können xD

Danke dir : > Hoff' man erwischt sich alsbald mal wieder im msn, it's been a while!

Really! Das war ein random Schönling mit Kapuze, ohne viel weiter vorhandene Klamotten.
Und dankeschön : D

lll said...

Geile Scheiße. Der Panda is cool.

Anonymous said...

Amazing work, Maren!

Seriously, I just love the variety you have between subject matter and styles...

The brush strokes on the first two groupings are amazing. I love how you get to your color choices and detail seemingly with out much effort. I've tried, it's prettu hard to get the right colors or tones on the first go. xD

Anyways, nice to see you're still alive and doodlin'.

Just out of curiosity though, when do you graduate? :Y I graduate in three more weeks.

Gray said...

einfach nur woooah.
ich bin so neidisch

Die Ran said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWIEGEIL!!!!! *direkt ausdruck* OH WIE TOLL WIR SIND!!!! Aber meine Hose is ja noch gar nich freaky genug, vielleicht find ich da noch was Besseres XD *mal suchen muss* OH WIE GEIL!!! Freu mich auch schon auf heute Abend ^^ *knuffel*

Anonymous said...

Great stuff and sketchy style!!!
Sei bravissima, continua così!

Das Affenmonster said...

Dett Übliche ist ziemlich cool. ;)
Dis Skizzenzeuch von den Tieren... sehr sehr cool... ich kann Tiere überhaupt nicht zeichnen.. hast du die Tiere abgezeichnet.. also ich mein im Park usw.

Es grüßt
Das Affenkind

Maren said...

Danke danke! Aber...Panda? Wo? xD
Und bist du dieselbe lll die ich aus dem paintchat kenne von damals?

Thanks! Always trying new things, the amount of stuff I've left to learn is intimidating D8
At this point I don't think that much about color-choices anymore, it just sorta happens naturally and I hope that's a good thing.
I'll graduate next year, if I feel like it. I'd taken a long break from college to work so I could afford stuff ( like, life, and technical equipment) and I wasn't too happy with the situation, thought about changing schools, etc ... yeah.
Good luck with your finals! Even though you don't need luck because you are amazing <3


Die Pants sind super :U aber hast' dir ja eh schon neues Beinkleid zugelegt. Das wird zu 'nem Experiment zum Thema "wieviel Metall kann man an eine kleine dünne Frau hängen."
Ich freu' mich drauf wenn Jagoda demnächst mitspielt! Jemand der wirklich singen kann!! Du singst ja auch wonderfully, aber du musst schrammeln <3

Thankyou! : D

Oh danke, das ist auch ziemliches Neuland für mich. In dem Fall waren's Fotos, aber ich
hatt' mir vorgenommen mich bei Gelegenheit mal ganz klassisch mit meinem Skizzenbüchlein in den Park zu pflanzen.

Karen said...

oh some awesome stuff coming I see! I'm looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Whooooooo ALEXI FTW ^^

John Patrick Deza said...

Ich bin jeden Tag online! Und jeden Tag hoffe ich das Gleiche.

♕♥♥ said...

Once again, you astound me! So very gorgeous pieces! What may be "sketches" to you means completed art for me. x)


Anonymous said...

bitteschön <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I graduated Last Friday though so now I'm fixing up my website redoing my portfolio, and all that jazz. I'll probably start job searching early this month depending on when I get my customized portfolio in.

As for the color thing. I found it a lot easier as you go on in a piece, it's just that initial art up that seems to be an utter bitch, lol.