Sunday, August 15, 2010

bit of august

I don't have much to post, but here's some things that happened when I felt like listening to stuff and drawing a bit.
Random Left4Dead (kind of), some scans, practice-stuff reffed from movies (Dead Snow, Hangover), people sketches, generic zombiedude, a character portrait wip, and a Portal 2 wip.

And a few youtube-links:
An evening wasted with Tom Lehrer, playlist
A very nice musicvideo
Portal 2 teaser


Gray said...

aach ich wünschte ich hätte dein Talent
dieser Zombie aaah...Du kannst so megageil ausmalen...ich find vorallem diese....hellen Licht/Glanz-Effekte in den Gesichtern toll (ich hoffe du weißt was ich mein)

Casey said...

Argh du bist so toll. Immer eine Augenweide deine Updates! Und natuerlich schlaegt mein Fangirlherz hoeher bei den L4D/2 Sachen, und Zombieland Fanarts! Und sogar Illus zu dem Jonathan Coulton Lied... :D

Anonymous said...

me likes as allways

Maren said...

So richtige Glanzpunkte mach' ich eigentlich nur bei Charakteren die eklich schmierig aussehen sollen. Wie man sowas in natürliche Gesichter einbaut ist mir ein Mysterium |D

Yaaay! Es wurde erkannt! Oh my, ich hätt so gern Skins oder Ähnliches um mit den Zombieland-charakteren spielen zu können <3 Hatte damals beim ersten schauen direkt gedacht' "Hey, that movie would make a great game!" aber was dabei herauskäme, wär' pretty much L4D, haha

Thankyou : D

♕♥♥ said...

Ahh nice to see you update! I've been missing your drawings. ;_; <3

I love the way you draw people so effortlessly, they are so fluid! I hope to imitate that someday! :)
& I especially love the drawing of that lands4dead! xD <3

Okha said...

lands4d.jpg ist so genial! Wie machst du das nur?

ukku said...

target lost ;_; aw die turrets sind doch so adorable, wenn sie nicht gerade versuchen einen umzubriungen

Anonymous said...


I've recently been in a rut when it comes to painting because I look at everyone else and they're so fast at it. I've yet to really understand the secretes of speed panting when it comes to computer mediums which makes me sad.

But back to you, these look awesome. I especially love the scene you drew from The Hangover. How did you do these mang?! They detail in such simple strokes is just mind boggling.

Robin said...

beim dritten bild,sind das nicht die zwei aus hot fuzz? ich hab leider keiiien schimmer mehr wie die heißen :'D

Antony said...

Wooaaaaw I like what you have done here and also like your blog.
No really I like your way to draw, your style. Looks like there's some kind of spirit I don't know, from your work...
Well anyway love it :)

moritz said...

Wie immer sehr coole Sachen. Bist du eigentlich schon am Diplom am schrauben? ;)

Caro said...

Ah, finally found your sketchblog! I love your art, I've loved it for ages. I'd like to know which version of photoshop you use, please? c:

Caro said...

Also, I forgot to ask, Have you ever finished this one?