Monday, June 28, 2010

where am I

Sunday was a very long day, I think it left me sorta confused about time and space. I got up at about 6am, worked on commissions until we went to a bar to get into the right mood for the soccer game, then we watched said game, celebrated some more, went home, played some Left 4 Dead, slept for about 42 minutes on my keyboard, got back up and worked on commissions until I went to the train station and took a train 2 hours too early because I thought it was friday for some odd reason. Sadface.
While sitting in a starbucks waiting, I put together an update. It's kinda only fanart and semi-old things:

And something very old... for a short time last year, I was somewhere almost close to being a Persona 4 fan. ALMOST. We never beat that last dungeon, though.
Oh boy.


Nem said...

So viele schöne Sachen zu bestaunen, meine Augen freuen sich! Besonderes Lob an deine coloring-skills, sieht richtig gut aus. Darf man fragen wie man so colorn lernt?
btw, vielen dank fürs follown, ich fühl mich sehr geehrt :)

Anonymous said...

I really love the motion of the man in the first sketch and the repose of the woman. Do you play L4D online? We must totally team up if you do!

And my god... that TF piece is the SHIT. You manage to make some of the most simple designs and layouts function and interesting...

Which reminds me, <a href=">I did something</a> with a background! And not a half assed one either! Well... maybe 33% of it was, lol.

Maren said...

Danke! Und...wenn ich das wüsste! Ich bin momentan eigentlich selbst auf der Suche nach guten Trainingsmethoden :' /
Als generellen Tipp könnt' ich nur das Offensichtliche anbieten: Augen offen halten + Experimentieren!

YES. YES WE SHOULD. Please direct me to your Steam-ID!
And Thankyou, but yet again I didn't really do what I intended to do, and so it's another one of those pictures that just sorta happened. Which sucks, because I really try to improve my workflow :' / I get distracted SO easily.

Yes! I've seen that one, LOVE the composition! I'd say it's a great all-around work, regarding color/anatomy/texture/perspective/etc. It all flows together nicely <3
Btw, I am delighted to see you drawing Megaman-characters. I have played every single one of those games with a friend (who is just a total pro at them) back then, and still love it lots.

Anonymous said...

hach...ich finde keine worte.
und bin zufaul welche zu suchen also lassen wirs einfach mal bei;
luv <3

Christiane said...

Ob du wohl je aufhören wirst mich zu begeistern :'D?
(aber das knuffige boy/girl-thingy creept mich aus deiner Hand doch ein wenig BO)

Anonymous said...

sehr schick wie immer. Besonders aber gefällt mir dieses mal das Stück Architektur. Wunderbare Farbe und Stimmung.Sowie auch die im Post oberste Szene, sehr stimmungsvol eingefangen.
Aaach ich werde noch Jahre, wenn nicht Jahrzehnte brauchen um dahin zukommen, ach ach.
Aber ich liebe deine Sachen.
Mehr davon Meehr !

Glasmond said...

Yeah, fätte Artworks mit suuuuper Mood <3 *sofort abonier*

Bitte sag adss du l4d auf xbox 360 hast!

Caccaduu said...

schön fleißig... sowas wünscht man sich im netz öfter zu sehen. :)