Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a tiny random fan post

Quick head-sculpt of the TF2-Announcer/Administrator, took about one or two hours. I will finish/edit and paint this as soon as I get some computer troubles out of the way. Until then, please excuse my fail.
Character-design by my hero Makani , of course.

Speaking of Tf2, the Mac-update is out since yesterday.
Is that a new shotgun I see there in the video? Is that Jobbs vs. Hale coming up in the comic? A training-mode? New Interface? Freebies? Oh dear, commence grabby hands.

But.... just a few hours after the release I've already seen it happening on your friendly neighborhood server. The name-calling, the shunning. A single first specimen of an earbud wearing Scout, alone in the dark, not wanted by anybody.
"Kill it! Kill it with fire! Oh dear lord he's on my team! /windows-us0r bid farewell, cruel world" I heard them say on the mic.
That Scout will find earbud wearing buddies, and he will seek revenge.

What have you done, Valve. It's not about RED and BLU anymore.

Being serious for a moment, I've been playing on windows, obviously, but I'm gonna be logging on via macbook now and then, as well, and I'm gonna take a pass on caring about who's using which system.
I guess this 'war' could be fun, but I have a feeling that it's gonna turn into a sh*tfest.


John Patrick Deza said...


Anonymous said...

Is there something you can't do? <3

John Patrick Deza said...

she is an allmighty älliskönnewrinn

Christiane said...

Aber bitte sag mir, dass da alles außer 3dsmax mitspielte ;O; (Zbrush?) wunderbar Frau M, wunderbar!

John Patrick Deza said...

Das ist Sculptris, kein ZBrush.
Ich hab's mal auf meinem Blog gepostet.